REVIVAL - Vyatka Tree Art

This publication portrays a unique phenomenon in Russian art: Vyatka Carving Art. This type of art traces its roots back to the past; yet remaining expressive and contemporary within each era it comes to. As a craft historically Vyatka Carving Art had been mostly an applicable art form compared to major art. And now the Carving represents competitive works of contemporary art. This however does not mean to revive the traditional Russian craft, but to say there has appeared an independent and reasonably alive element of Russian culture.

  The Contemporary Arts Center Progress Gallery has its reasons to support the study and the publication of the fine collection of Vyatka Carving Art. The creator of the collection is a wonderful carving artist Galina Ustinova. In a present situation when art is oversaturated by new art forms and when the features of the arts environment become the leading motivation of art, eventually the individual and sensual authors' artworks deserve their credibility. The Vyatka Carving Art is a highly authentic, spiritual and soulful form of art that obviously deserves deeper attention and interpretation.

  The catalog has photos of artworks with comments of the author. Galina Ustinova is a recognized artist and a national master of art crafts in Kirov region. Galina is also a frequent participant of various exhibitions, both in Vyatka region and far beyond it.

Contemporary Arts Centre "Progress Gallery"

Director: Pyshko Natalya Aleksandrovna