Galina Ustinova - national master of art crafts

The catalog has photos of artworks with comments of the author. Galina Ustinova is a recognized artist and a national master of art crafts in Kirov region. Galina is also a frequent participant of various exhibitions, both in Vyatka region and far beyond it.

Ustinova Galina Andreevna was born in Kirov. She learned to paint and mold when she was a little girl. Her entering the Amateur Artists Club is truly a milestone of her life, her rebirth. Since 1973 she had been an active participant of several Club exhibitions with her drawings, oil paintings, and watercolor. From then on her life and her art became one, and the arts were the natural environment that she would not live without. Galina’s forward practice in art techniques, carving, tree art, and clay mould resulted in her first personal exhibition. It was the exhibition for the Dymkovskaya toy which took place in 1984. Also the exhibition represented paintings and graphics.  more ...

It would be challenging to try counting how many works of art she has done since her first exhibition. The Dymkovskaya toys spread out the world; they in America, Germany, Ukraine, Cyprus, and France. At present the works by Galina Ustinova are exhibited at Novosibirsk Art Gallery and are a part of several private collections in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Since late 1980s exhibiting grew wider. Personal exhibitions came one after another: Kirov (1987), Nizhny-Novgorod (1988), Livadiysky Exhibition Centre (1989). The works by this outstanding craftswoman from Kirov were appreciated in Moscow. In 1989 Galina participated in the NEAE USSR (National Economy Achievements Exhibition) and in 1999 her works were exhibited in the Centre of N. Roerich Museum.

  In addition around 15 exhibitions were successfully held over Kirov region.

However it is frank to say that the major events of Ustinova’s artistic biography is the personal exhibition the ‘Vyatka Tree Art’. This exhibition represents a profound artistic research on the revival of the genuine Vyatka house painting. This work with symbols, the subject and methods led to creation of numerous painting panels. They portray both the reconstruction of historical compositions and the artistic evolution of the tree art.


1975- 1990 years – the winner of the 1, 2, 3 all-Union National arts festivals.

1985- 2000 – the winner of the city and region reviews, and also fine arts and ornamental arts competitions.

2004 – 2010 – the winner of the 1, 2, 3, 4 regional exhibitions for Vyatka Toy competition.

Since 2010 Galina is a national master of the art crafts in Kirov region.


Galina Ustinova artworks